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"The Challenge of Dionysus: Run to Escape Series: Mission Mt. Olympus (part one)"
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It was a beautiful spring day in April when I began my Mt. Olympus journey. As a newcomer to running (and running in my 50's) I was a little nervous about how this would work. Thankfully, I had a good friend (& BibRavePro, Scootadoot) which allowed us to work on this new experience together.

The directions to launch the experience using the Runkeeper app were extremely simple and well-explained. It was very easy to link to the Challenge of Dionysus, and I could clearly hear the beginning of the adventure with my Airpods...until one fell out, then the "Pods" had a difficult time reconnecting. Luckily, this experience has a wonderful backup to the live recording so I was able to listen again later to figure out the clues.

(I also immediately ordered AfterShoz headphones as soon as I got home. But that amazing review will be on my website!)

The sheer desire to hear the continuation of the story is enough to keep you motivated to complete your run. There's a giggling delight that emerges at certain distances (synced with Runkeeper's tracking & within your journey) where the storytellers interact with you and give clues through the hilarious narratives.

I would do this all the time! It's not just a virtual run. It is TRULY an experience you can share and solve puzzles with friends. What a relief to have such an enjoyable race welcoming everyone back to the outside world!

I rated the SWAG 5 stars, even though there's no material swag you receive. Instead, you get a truly enjoyable experience that makes you want more!

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