Who we are

BibRave is a consumer-facing running community and a B2B boutique marketing agency that specializes in the endurance space.

Runners turn to BibRave online to learn more about running, racing, and the best events and gear. Our BibRave Pro ambassadors are a nationwide network of micro influencers that race, try new gear, and support each other! Our monthly Twitter chat - #BibChat , The BibRave Podcast , and The BibRave 100 are other tools that serve the endurance community with information, advice, and inspiration.

As a marketing agency BibRave specializes in grassroots marketing. We help brands and events connect with the running community in authentic ways. This includes ambassador program management, social media management, content strategy & creation, event strategy & activation, and more.


To inspire more do-ers


Move people and business to constantly evolve what makes them great


The Team

Our team is composed of passionate and active enthusiasts and professionals that believe in delivering unmatched experiences to our communities and clients.

Jessica Murphy, Co-Founder

Jessica does a bit of everything at BibRave - from the fun to the gritty. Prior to dedicating her time exclusively to BibRave, Jessica most recently served as the Managing Director for Runner’s World. She spent 10+ years in Advertising, Marketing, and Sponsorship Sales across some fabulous non-running related organizations from Nike to LinkedIn to The Atlantic!

Jessica has run over 20 marathons, 3 ultra-marathons, and loves finding new running adventures to explore! When she’s not running she loves food, and traveling for food and - of course - running!

Tim Murphy, Co-Founder

Tim Murphy co-founded BibRave in late 2013, originally creating a place for runners to gather online and discuss the best races to run, the best gear to try, and the best nutrition to use. From there, the company expanded into community building and influencer marketing, eventually becoming a broad-based marketing agency.

Tim has also started and grown companies in the healthcare and young professional development space, beginning his career at a Washington, D.C. consulting firm and starting his first online business in 2010.

Tim has run 17 marathons and 5 ultra marathons, and is currently shopping for his next race. Talk to him about gear, podcasts, food, Star Wars, the TV show LOST, technology, trail running, beer, bourbon, or coffee.

Andrew Wallace, VP of Programs & Partnerships

Andy is based in Chicago, Illinois! He’s been with BibRave since 2017, working from managing our race partners to now overseeing all our programs and partnerships. BUT... in a former life he was a high school music educator for 11 years, having studied music education at the University of Illinois (I-L-L!). Andy has completed 10 marathons, and when he’s not running around Chi-Town, he’s singing, dancing, and directing a adult contemporary cabaret ensemble, The Chicago Red Line.

Julia Montag, Director of Strategic Accounts

Julia is originally from Chicago (the city, none of that suburb non-sense) and is currently living in PDX. She’s been with BibRave since 2014, starting out as a volunteer and making her way from community manager to currently overseeing our incredible brand clients. She lovel running more than anything (even more than her dog Layla and Abe Lincoln - and she love those two a lot). When she’s not running, Julia is probably outdoors, hiking or MTB, or at an Andrew Bird concert.

Caitlin Dunn, Sr. Manager of Community & Social

Caitlin has been working in digital marketing for the better part of a decade. She likes to run, bike and swim + ski, and hang with her family. If you don't find her at beach, she’s probably in the mountains. Otherwise, Caitlin is from Boston and works with our communities!

Marlene Weiss, Account Coordinator

Marlene Mejia Weiss reps the people who love to run and move, but wouldn’t necessarily call themselves runners. She describes herself as an ultra 5K-er and occasional half marathoner. Marlene works with brands as an account planner and manages all things swag for BibRave. She has a diverse background in branded merchandise, digital marketing, nonprofits, and loves supporting people and brands who want to make the world a happier, healthier place. She lives in Seattle with her husband where they spend most of their time chasing after their two boys.

Laura Mullins, Account Coordinator

Laura Mullins joined Team BibRave as a Community Coordinator in 2019 after serving as a BibRave Pro for four years. Laura found running after her collegiate tennis career ended in 1998 and never looked back! She has a true passion for running, fitness and building community wherever she goes. In 2016, Laura and her family moved to the mountains of Co. Wicklow, Ireland where she worked as a running coach, fitness instructor and personal trainer. She loves traveling and exploring new places through running. Prior to her time in Ireland, Laura was an elementary school teacher for many years in Oklahoma, Illinois and California. Laura now resides in Phoenix with her husband, and two sons.

Jenn Savedge, Account Coordinator

Jenn Savedge was a BibRave Pro for two years before joining the team as our Race Account Coordinator in 2019. Jenn loves running, runners, listening to running podcasts, reading about running, and basically all things running. Prior to working with BibRave, Jenn was a freelance writer who published a number of books, magazine articles, and blog posts on environmental issues and prior to that she was a park ranger for the National Park Service. Jenn lives in the mountains of Virginia with her husband, teenagers, and a houseful of dogs and cats. If she’s not running, she’s swimming, hiking, or reading (about running!) in her hammock.

Kimberly Fulmer, Account Coordinator

Kimberly Fulmer joined team BibRave in 2019 as an Account Coordinator working side-by-side with Julia on our brand accounts and on all things #Social with the entire team. Kimberly (Aka Kim) is from Houston, Texas born and raised and is the Ironman hopeful of the group, and also the youngest in the squad! She enjoys swimming, cycling, and running, in that order. The running industry means the world to her as it opened her eyes to an incredible community of people. Her favorite thing about BibRave is our ability to work creatively and collaboratively, work all over the country, and the amount of heart we put into our projects everyday. Hit her up on BibRaves social accounts and #BibChat about all things running!