Who We Are

Are you a passionate runner who loves running races?

Do you love to share your running journey on social media and encourage your followers to sign up for races?

The Vibe: A BibRave Network , is a network of active, enthusiastic running content creators who share a passion for running and a knack for social media! Be the first to know about races you can be a part of all across the United States by joining our exclusive email list!

Why join The Vibe in 2024?

CONNECT: Forge connections with fellow runners who share your enthusiasm for all things running and fitness.

RACE: Dive into exclusive race opportunities around the USA and maybe even globally!

INSPIRE: Share your running adventures, triumphs, and tips to inspire and motivate your fellow followers on your social platforms.

What does The Vibe: A BibRave Network look like?

  • Active runners of all levels who loves to race and creatively share their running journey on social platforms
  • Excited to vibe about all things running on social media, at races, and throughout the running community
  • Dedicated social media influencers looking to connect with their followers through story telling about their running journeys and training

Perks of The Vibe

Meeting campaign content deliverables by posting between 8-15 times through in-feed and story posts over the course of a 3-6 month race campaign will unlock these perks!

  • Free race entries (valued between $50-$150)
  • Travel stipends, race dependent (valued between $75-150)
  • Monthly newsletter with race campaign opportunities
  • Exclusive access to a diverse, inclusive, interactive, and savvy running community

Let’s VIBE!

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