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"San Diego RNR - The Classiest of Marathons"
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Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
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This was my very 1st marathon. I'm a bit hazy on the details because it was so long ago and I just joined BibRave to start reviewing races. I'll do my best...

Expo - Still the best one I've ever encountered. Tons of giveaways (including beer) and tons of stuff to purchase. Under Armour was there and wanted runners to try on shoes and give their opinions. For my services, I was given a free pair of socks and a voucher for 50% off of up to 3 items. I was like a kid at Toys R' Us there.

Race shirt - The race shirt was awesome. It was a color that isn't common (a light blue/green color) and it lasted me a very long time. I was sad when I finally said goodbye to it. The time came when it always seemed "stinky", if you know what I mean.

Course - The course is pretty darn flat, for my standards at least. It isn't super scenic, but it will keep you interested if you don't know much about San Diego, which I didn't. There's a pretty solid chance the weather will be fine.

Finisher's Medal - Pretty cool medal, still one of my favorites. For a small fee they inscribed my finishing time on the back of it.

Hope all this info is helpful.

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