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"A train ride away from a weekend race"
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The race features a 2 & 4 mile race. This is a small scale race with local appeal, but athletes who enjoy running in Chicago might not begrudge a train ride down to Galesburg for this race. The course is through Lake Storey and parts of the Carl Sandburg College campus with each distance being a loop.

The packet pick up is the same day and goes smoothly, since it is sponsored by the Galesburg Road Runners Club there will be a friendly buzz and conversation. Everyone is interested in how things are going, where you are from and if you're training for anything else. The town hosts a few races in the year and you will undoubtedly be asked back.

It is a race with nothing bad to say. It's limitations are in its size, but those are forgotten once you start running. Worth considering if you are breaking a new friend into running or just want to shake up a weekend with a trip.

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