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"A Good Destination Race"
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The half marathon is my perfect destination goal race. It is long and serious enough to make travel worthwhile, yet not so intimidating that it makes travel nerve wracking.

The Surf City HM is a good destination race with its mid-winter, February date. I was actually a bit surprised at how humid it was and how decidedly not sunny it was at race start. Not being from a coast, it takes a while sometimes for the fog (humidity) to burn off and the sun to shine through. That said, it isn't particularly scenic as the flat course runs mostly alongside the water. I would probably have disliked sunny conditions, but the grey, humid fog certainly doesn't "feel" like what I wanted my surf city experience to be.

That said, the race itself was pretty well run and I do like how unique the surf board race medal is (this from a guy who could care less about race medals). Also the year I ran, the field was really quick. I wish I had been more fit to take advantage of it.

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