Half Marathons

In 2018 the Half Marathon distance took the crown for most nominations (Marathons dominated in 2017), with over 40% of all nominations submitted. That may be why we see newcomers owning over half of the 2018 list. Out of the 10 new Half Marathons added to the list, 3 of them are the Half Marathon counterpart to Marathons that were featured on the 2017 list - Detroit Free Press, Garry Bjorklund Half/Grandma’s, and the Missoula Half. There was also a big shuffle in our Top 5 Halfs, with four of the top five being new to The BibRave 100 as well. We know there’s no shortage of amazing Half Marathons out there, so we’re excited to recognize these races, big and small, new and old.

Below is a list of the Top 5 Half Marathons ranked in order, and the remainder of the Top 20 list in alphabetical order.