Race Director


A lot is said about the dedication, discipline, and hard work needed to run a Marathon. One needs to develop a detailed plan and then be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice when bad weather or any number of challenges hit.

But if people had any clue about the D-Day-level of planning and execution that goes into putting on a race, they’d surely salute those who enable their athletic endeavors.

The BibRave 100 is part of that salute, highlighting the best races in America and calling attention to race directors who are doing it right. Additionally, we’ve created the Race Director Central, a resource with industry trends, studies, and best practices to help race directors learn from the best of the best.

Once The BibRave 100 is announced in December of 2019, we’ll publish a white paper with insights on what’s hot in the 2019 racing world. Until then, check out some of the data insights and technology solutions from our partner and industry leader, MYLAPS!

Timing Setup

Timing a running event, whether it’s a small event or a major, is a challenging task. You only want the best equipment with the highest read-rates and the best accuracy. The MYLAPS BibTag System is the best in the market for the job, check-out the setup and add services to give your participants the best experience possible.

The Fastest Way to Setup Your Timelines

The EasyMat helps you set up timelines quickly and easily (1 minute!). The rollable setup means you can deploy the timing mat with one movement, and the cabling is integrated within the mat so there’s no more manual cable handling needed. Lightning-fast set-up means minimal road closure time before and after the race.

EventAPP with LiveTracking

Allow friends and family to track real-time progress of runners during the race and share updates using the LiveTracking module. More visibility means more engagement for participants and spectators, which means more value for sponsors.