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The Amazing Half Marathon was to benefit the Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital in Baton Rouge. For the inaugural weekend, there was a 5k and kids run on Saturday, and Sunday was the 10k and half marathon. The 10k split off around mile 3, the half continued on encompassing a lot of the LSU campus (past Tiger Stadium and Mike's Den!), around the beautiful lakes and residential area, back onto campus and then back to the finish at historic downtown. It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous course.
What I liked:
The course. Really, it was 13.1 miles of something to look at.
The course support. The police were at every intersection, the aid stations were stocked and heavily manned, and there were a few amused spectators watching from their front porch and waving.
The medal. Each race had a finisher medal that was the same design, the half was the largest size and it decreased incrementally according to race distance. There was also a challenge medal for completing races both days, but I didn't take advantage of that.
The cost. Since it was the first go, there was a mega sale when it first opened registration. I paid $30 for that fantastic course and awesome medal, and I would have happily paid double.
Satellite bib pick up. Since I live an hour away, it was very convenient to pick up my bib at a local running store and then just get my shirt and race swag at the post race party.
The food. The yummiest jambalaya and rice and gravy!

What I didn't like:

Potty accommodations. There were 6 porta potties at the start. 6. I have run 5ks in my local little town that had more bathrooms available.
The shirt. It's a nice tech style shirt with the cute little gator logo, but I don't like when the screen printing is so thick and heavy. When I wear that shirt and I sweat, that logo part is going to stick to my body. Yuck.
The finish. After 13.1 miles on a day that got warm and humid fairly quickly, a finish line at the top of a steep hill is a cruel joke. It was basically the only major hill, but really? At the end? Well played, race directors. Well played.
No Coke. I saw the Coca Cola truck, but never found the Coke. I'm not a beer person and I drank water all along the course. When I'm done running, I crave the refreshing carbonation of a Coca Cola classic. You really can't beat the real thing.

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