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"Graet scenery!!!!!"
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Elevation Difficulty
Race Management

This race absolutely holds up to needing to be on every runner’s bucket list. What a smoothly operated race with lots of excitement and fun.
Don’t skip this race if you have a chance to run it..
Everything you've ever heard about Big Sur is true. It's absolutely stunning. If you're gearing up for this race, beware of them! The wall is nothing compared to those hills. Also, while it's tempting to cruise those first few downhill miles, resist the temptation. It'll kill your legs later.
I took this race very easy. I had one goal in mind to make it to the finish line in under 6 hours and I did. There are lots of hills, including on that climbs up for two miles.
Overall, it is was a very fun marathon and definitely worth doing. The views alone make the race worth it.

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