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"Humid, Humid, Humid- WHAT A MESS"
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Race Management

This race should only be a Half-Marathon or they need to move it to January or February. I do not recommend this at all, especially if this is your first marathon.

The year I ran it 3 people died. They cut the race off early. They told half of the participants they were being cut off while people that were close to finishing had no idea until they hit the 24 mile mark and their GPS watch said mile 22. This was all happening while runners were weaving around walkers that had been turned around. BTW those walkers all got guaranteed refunds, while runners who were faster were not. There race was cut short too. I can't believe that since this race they still have not moved the time of year it is hosted and they still host a marathon.
I needed to review this as a warning. If you are planning on running the full in Savannah in October, please be careful. Take salt tablets, drink lots of water. Take walking breaks if you have to.

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