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"Amazing Race on Many Levels!!!!!!!!!!"
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I have run the full marathon 7 times, run the two person relay three times and the 5 person relay twice. I love this race for many different reasons.

As my first time marathon, I loved the crowd support and the accessibility for my family to view me many different locations all within a one mile radius. Your family can grab a coffee and bagel and hang out and watch you run by. This doesn't always happen during a marathon.

The city of Burlington really gets behind this race and comes out to support the runners in a way I love. You really feel as though you are a celebrity! The aid stations are placed perfectly for water, gatorade and gels.

I also feel as though this race is a fantastic value. If you sign up soon, it is under a 100 dollars. So many races now a days are so much more expensive. I will also say that you will NOT be disappointed in visiting Burlington Vermont. The food and experience will leave you wanting to come back year after year! If you are a first timer or a veteran runner, this one is not one to miss!!!!!!

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