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"Too minimalist, by far, especially for $75 race fee."
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Should have been tipped off when the race number pickup was miles from the actual race location, and it was two ladies at a table inside a running store, with no expo or goodie bag or t-shirts available. Very minimalist. Race day started OK: good parking area, enough porta-potties, started the race on time. But then...

Very minimal race support. Three water stops, at 2, 7, and 11, weren't enough for a very humid day. There was no clear turnaround point or chip mat to check that runners actually got to the turnaround point (it was just a single woman holding a small sign saying "Turn around here" or something like that). And there was zero course support in the form of a sag wagon/bike team checking on people, at least that I could see. I was dealing with a wicked cramp in my side about mile 8 and I could find no one official-looking either walking or running or biking. What if someone had really had a serious medical issue? How hard is it to put a few bikers with phones or walkie-talkies along that 6 mile stretch of bike/running trail?

Finish line support was also minimal. I literally bent over at the finish and buried my face in my hands and no one came up to ask if I was feeling OK. There were three people handing out medals, but no one handing out water. Umbrellas yes, but water, no. Thankfully, my friends fetched me water and made sure I was OK. I definitely would have been unhappy if I was solo and needed assistance at the finish.

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