Race Director


Race Directors, we salute you! Your countless hours, late nights, early mornings, detailed spreadsheets, and zip ties galore all go towards making memories, building community and improving the lives of runners around the country.

The BibRave 100 is about celebrating the best of the best races in America, and helping all races learn from the people who are doing it right. Our Race Director Central is stocked with helpful insights and best practices about ways to enhance your race experience. The landscape is ever changing, especially when it comes to race day technology, and this is an opportunity to evolve, tweak, and learn from the best.

Our latest insight is about the power of live events, and opportunities for deep engagement with participants in-the-moment. Data from our partners at MyLaps show the huge momentum driven by races on race day through the Monday after, with a dramatic fall-off afterward. USE that heightened moment of attention to engage your runners and spectators with relevant content, action from your race, and your call-outs for your partners. This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

The Power of Live Events

We’ll be adding more tips to this page in the upcoming months but, in the meantime, enjoy!