Warrior Dash Arizona

Warrior Dash Arizona

Warrior Dash Arizona

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  • Phoenix,
    United States
  • April
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Mud/Obstacle Race
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Arizona, United States
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"No mud, No Blood...No Good."
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Chad 's thoughts:

This year's Warrior Dash was held at Camelback Ranch in Glendale (One of the many Spring Training facilities in the Valley)
The first task is always getting to and parking at the event. I would have given this a 0 stars because I hate having to pay for parking (it was $10) after already paying the race fees (this is like paying bag fees when flying- something we gripe about but do when we have to), however the location was easily accessed just minutes west of the freeway and just off of Camelback Rd, and there was ample parking and volunteers directing traffic, so it was a smooth process.
The management had tents/booths on either side of a main walkway leading down to the beer garden, stage and viewing area. In the middle of the walkway was also a few tents for everyone (shaded areas get bonus points for events in Phoenix) and merchandise. Most of the tents on the west side of the walkway were dedicated for bag check, changing, ID check (for the beer garden), packet pick up, etc. On the east side was the free swag vendors and a few photo ops (signs, etc.) as well as the start and finish lines. Check in (packet pick up, bag check, etc.) was smooth and efficient. We headed to the start line for our heat. I am not sure why the start line was split in two lanes, but no big as the mc was getting everyone excited up to run. With a blast of the flames we were off. The first portion was a run through the stadium and them some basic obstacles (no sweat- just warming up). Then we hit pure fun, with an obstacle called "mud mounds". Getting through this meant team work and mud everywhere. Then it was off to the 14ft "Warrior Wall". OK, this is really sucked when you just got out the mud. Getting a grip on the rope and footing on the wall when you are 100% wet mud is no easy task. From there it is several more obstacles and more running. Towards the end there were several final obstacles including the giant slide (into a mud/water pit) and a crawl under wire in mud and a final dash to the finish.

Pros: Well organized and event ran smooth. This is an exciting and fun event, with a few good/great obstacles (I actually wish there were a few more). Free race photos (bonus, since most phones/comers won't make through the mud).

Cons: Running through landscape rocks (1/4 to 1/2 mile) is no obstacle, paying for parking sucks, and the merchandise was cash only (they did have ATM's onsite) but who the heck is cash only these days, warrior up and get square or another cc system (and while you are at it, sell clean dry TOWELS, you will sell a few- you can thank me later when you send my royalty check).

Neutral: Showers- need twice as many and locate near the changing rooms/bag pick up, maybe just right after the showers not halfway back to the beer garden (to the staffs credit they were trying as they did put the showers on the paved surface so your weren't showering in the mud/dirt). Super long line for the warrior helmet/sign- be a warrior have 2 or 3 for events.

Conclusion: Would I do this again, absolutely. One of the better "fun" run events I have gone to (not as intense as some, not as weak as others)- a good event for various levels of participants.

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