Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

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  • January
  • 3 miles/5K, 6 miles/10K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon, Other
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Marc 's thoughts:

Let me start this with letting you all know that this race is HUGE! I've never been to one of the big city races but this from what I've heard is comparable with 17-20K runners. I don't know the actual number this is what I overheard. It is by far the largest group I've ever run in. Now for the review.

Being Disney everything around this race is designed to be an experience. As such it can be a little expensive. It's worth living it up your first time. I grew up going to Disney World regularly and it never gets old. All re resorts have bus transport to and from the race. Several of the resort hotels are also on the race course making it easy for family to cheer you on. (Make sure you have a cell phone or something they can use to see where you are. There are far to many people for them to see you by chance) If you need to keep costs down you can stay in a local hotel off of the Disney property. The only thing you need to keep is morning of transportation and transportation back after the race.

The packet pickup and expo is located at the Wide World of Sports and has plenty of parking and lost of people to direct you on where to go. The expo is huge and will take some time just to wonder around to see what they have. One of the favorite booths my year was the NewBalance area for the special Disney Marathon shoes.

Race morning is real easy if you're staying at a Disney resort. We just confirmed the bus pickup and time in the lobby at a special table setup just for the runners the night before. Morning of we rode the bus with our drop off bags to the race area. You will have a bit of walking to do once you get off the bus. You will have your bag drop off by last name and then walk to the starting corral areas. We didn't submit a prior finish time when we signed up only matching expected finish times which put us in corral K. This basically means we had most of an hour after the race started before we were even to the start line.

The race is great! Every corral gets it's own official start with fireworks, Mickey and friends etc… then your off on the race. If your not in one of the first few corrals be aware that people who are most likely doing their first Marathon are also running with you and they haven't experienced people stopping in front of them while running etc… Be aware of this if your planning on running, a run walk or walk plan. If your walking stay to the side so the runners have a clear path. It's dark and they may not see you. This also applies later in the race as well. With this many people those running will be going around other runners and walkers and may run into you. It will keep you and them from getting hurt on this awesome run. I can't stress enough. Look behind you before you stop and make sure it's clear.
During the race you will run through every Disney park in Orlando. Several of then you will go through before the park is open and you may get to see some special things such as the animals on the road outside the Animal Kingdom or being able to get in line for a ride at the halfway point if the Animal Kingdom has already opened by the time you get there. Every mile parker is a new character sign and they have character meetups and photo ops throughout the race course. Obviously if your doing these they will add time to your race so decide early if your racing or running for the experience then live it up.

You will finish the race running through Epcot Center going through each country. The park will most likely be open so family who have paid for admission can cheer from inside the park. The people who are their on vacation also get into the run and cheer you on which makes for a great finish experience. You can even do some silly things like a couple we know who stopped in Germany for beer and took it along to the finish line. After you cross the finish line and have your medal you will be guided to the bag pickup area and an area where you can meetup with family. You will also receive a box with some stacks and drinks inside. I also recommend you visit the medical tent for some ice if you need it for sore muscles or just to get a Mickey Mouse space blanket. The buses back to the resorts also depart from here and can take you back to get cleaned up.

I'm sure you will also get info or see signs for other events in the area for the Marathon runners. Take advantage of these. For example I remember there being a discount on food at Disney Springs (Used to be Downtown Disney for those who haven't been in a while). I hope you all have a great time.

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