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Chicago, Illinois, United States
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"So Much Potential!"
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Dan 's thoughts:

It's kind of frustrating to get lost during a race. I'm 3/4 on trail races after this experience. This is pretty unfortunate as otherwise I think USole actually does a pretty decent job, it is easy to get to from Chicago, and was otherwise pretty fun. Basically we weren't directed and the course wasn't marked at a key intersection resulting in me an a number of the runners up front from completely screwing up the course.

I ended up making the best of it running with another runner through the "finish" and around to do another loop to bring our run/race to about 4.7 miles for a nice "tempo" run. Then cooling down on the proper course which was a mile shorter than originally stated at the starting line.

The sweat pant race swag is a cool idea and there was beer and chili at the finish.

If I were peaking or traveling I think I'd be angry instead I just sort of feel sad. I love these types of events as they're great for meeting new running friends and building the community, but when the race itself is riddled with problems, small races get a bad rap.

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