Shadow of the Giants 50k & 20k

Shadow of the Giants 50k & 20k

Shadow of the Giants 50k & 20k

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Kate 's thoughts:

I can't believe I am so lucky to have stumbled onto the site for Shadow of the Giants. It was easily the most wonderful trail race experience I have had. The atmosphere that Nate and the San Joaquin Running Club have created is magical in itself and the fact that you get to experience it in the midst of the forest, the Giant Sequoias, and such a striking nature setting blows me away. It was beautiful, just beautiful.

First off, pre-race you can stay in dorms at the site of the race start/finish. GREATNESS, $35 a bed and you're 500 ft. from the start. Do it!

The course started running out of the Green Meadows camp, so you were on pavement for a half mile or so. It then was a mix of fire road and single track. It was mostly front-loaded with hills but there was a doozy of hills at mile 14.25-15 and 23-27ish. There were some very comfortable flats as well, which made it nice for going fast! Because there isn't crazy elevation, it is DEFINITELY a great one for those wanting to run their first 50k! Oh Mile 10 had a river crossing but it wasn't too deep (maybe to your knee). On the other side of the river was a hug and an aid station! Fun times!

The scenery is a great reason to do this race. You run through the Sierra National Forest, just outside of Yosemite, which includes a few areas that are filled with Giant Sequoias. Stunning! You're also treated to some stunning views of the valley as well as the sad but uplifting experience of running through where a wildfire hit in 2017 (trust me, this was more moving than anything, to see life amidst the death of trees).

The aid stations were probably well stocked, I didn't really linger at them though because I was cruising. There were only a couple people at them so I'm sure it got busy when more people came around! They were a little more spaced out than I'm used to (5-7 miles or so between each) but I knew that going in so planned well by always making sure I had enough water to get me to the next station. They had gummy bears and electrolytes and potato chips and a lot more but those are the only 3 things I snagged! Wish I could be more helpful on this side of things!

The finish line was an awesome party/hang out experience. Everyone lingered a bit so we all got to talk and reminisce about the race we'd literally just finished.

The medals are one to do the race for also. Elevation Culture-created wood artwork. I flippin love them, they really create something special that you want to show off.

Overall, an amazing race, well run, incredible experience.

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