Stephanie Fichtelman

Delaware, Ohio, United States
6 12
"Warm Up Columbus Half Marathon"
Aid Stations
Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
Race Management
Stephanie Fichtelman's thoughts:

Good experience and not too much money. Getting to Dublin and parking took no time at all and post race takes place inside a hotel with pizza and other food.
This is a 1 mile loop. Not even a loop-its somewhat curvy, a lot of left turns. This taxed my body so hard for the next week! Best part-aid station every mile, crowd support all over and I got to see my family every single mile. Once you get the first mile down you can tell where they very slight uphill and downhills are (it is very flat, but you can feel it a little) so I knew when I could cut myself a break and when I can throw in surges.
Down fall, no one counts your laps for you, you really have to keep track of your watch to make sure it is correct so you don't go over/under. It is a little sad when the 5k and 10k finish and the course thins out, but that also makes for less weaving past the slower folks. It is fun to pick off people to see how many times you can lap them. There is a relay, so the relay teams were fun spectators.
Medal was basically something you would get for a 5k, small and lightweight. Nothing too exciting.

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