Rock 'n' Roll San Diego

Rock 'n' Roll San Diego

Rock 'n' Roll San Diego

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  • San Diego,
    United States
  • June
  • 3 miles/5K, 5 miles/8K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon
  • Road Race
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Scott Bland

McGregor, Texas, United States
12 21
"A Rocking Time in San Diego"
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Scott Bland's thoughts:

San Diego is home away from home for me so I was fairly biased in favor of this race from the beginning. The expo was terrific, as is to be expected from a Rock-n-Roll event, there were plenty of vendors to talk to and lots of good information. I didn't have any issues with parking at the expo, it was a pain to pay $15 to park at the convention center but most big city events are going to gouge you on parking, especially if it's in a downtown area. I used the shuttle system to get to the starting line, which meant standing in a long line at 5AM but it moved fast and was way better than fighting for a parking spot. The biggest problem pre-race was way too slow of corral releases which meant that a lot of people spent over 30 minutes slowly shuffling towards the start line. This wasn't a huge problem, but when you're fired up and ready to get going, that's a long time to shuffle around after the starting gun has been fired. The course itself could have used some more water front views but the section in Mission Bay was great. It was a big out and back but it was along the ocean so it was a great view. I liked the neighborhoods we ran through and thought it was a good mix of houses and eclectic local shops and restaurants. Fan support in those areas was great, plenty of cheering people and you could definitely feel the support. About the massive hill on Highway 163 from mile 22 to 24 that everyone talks about in regards to this race. I honestly don't mind a race throwing a big challenge in the later miles, I run a lot of hills in training so I don't mind them that much. My issue with this stretch is that running on a highway is just not a lot of fun, especially that late in the race when you're dog tired and need all the distractions you can get. Once you get over the novelty of running on a closed highway, it's a long slow climb that never seems to end with very little scenery and no fan support because you're on the highway. All that being said, once you reach the top it's all downhill to the finish. I loved this race, love the city, and really appreciated how well run the event was from start to finish. In typical Rock-n-Roll fashion, there were plenty of opportunities to be separated from your money and the event has a very corporate feel to it at times. But, I would highly recommend this event and hope to be able to run it again in the future.

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