Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn

Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn

Rock 'n' Roll Brooklyn

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  • Brooklyn,
    New York,
    United States
  • October
  • 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
  • Road Race
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Pennsylvania, United States
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"Rock N Roll Brooklyn"
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Nancy 's thoughts:

This was the inaugural Rock N Roll Brooklyn event so there were quite a bit of challenges. The logistics of some things were poorly planned.

The expo was at Brooklyn Expo Center. I took the MTA to get there, it wasn't a problem but took about an hour from where I was. Bib pick up went quickly for me. The expo was okay; there weren't too many exciting vendors. I did end up buying a RNR Brooklyn tank top but it was a bit steep. They were giving out free beers to anyone over 21.

The morning of race day, I took the MTA over so I'm not sure how the parking situation was. As soon as I got off the train, there was chaos. There were signs but pretty much following the crowds. The porta potties outside of the gated corrals were so long. They were poorly planned since the doors of the porta potties faced the sidewalk and it was right along the edge of the sidewalk. There was no room to have a queue so the lines wrapped around the two sides only. I ended up trying to fare my chances inside the corral. I tried getting into the corrals through the front since I saw some people go through that way. Eventually they told everyone to go all the way around. They really should have had more checkpoints. I passed another check point but it was for "VIP" only. So then everyone had to walk even further down to pass through security. Even those without bags. The line barely moved. I walked maybe 40 mins in line. The police announced that it was 5 mins to the start and 80% of people were still in security line. Eventually security stopped checking people and everyone flooded inside. Then we were told the start time was delayed 30 mins.

I thought I had my chance in 30 mins to use a porta potty inside the corrals. Nope, the lines were ridiculous. I even waited after my corral went off, hoping but alas I gave up and started running. I guess while waiting and walking, I passed through the timing mats and I got a runner tracking text before I started the race.

The course was pretty nice and flat and there were enough stations. The mile markers were clearly placed throughout.

At the finish, the medals were given out. They are pretty nice, depicting the Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch with the middle being a bottle opener. Maybe I took longer to get to the finish because the refreshments were a mess. Nobody was manning the bananas. I saw people taking full boxes of cashews. I couldn't find where to get my beer and didn't bother staying for the headliners of the concert.

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