Randy Miner Memorial Country Run

Randy Miner Memorial Country Run

Randy Miner Memorial Country Run

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  • Etna Green,
    United States
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Mark Davidhizar

Elkhart, Indiana, United States
55 81
"5th time running this race. Will keep coming back"
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Mark Davidhizar's thoughts:

I have run the Randy Miner Memorial Run in all 5 years of its existence since being brought back after probably 20 years of it being away.  Back in the days of me being in middle school (Yes, it has been that long ago), the Etna Green County Run was held on the morning of the 4th of July every year.  The race was organized by a distant relative of mine, Randy Miner (I believe he was my mom's cousin, not sure what the correct relationship is to me). Then, in 2014 (I Think), my friend Todd Hoffer, who has always looked up to Randy Miner, brought the run back a few years after Randy passed away.
Since Todd has brought the race back, the race has been held on the second Saturday of June in the afternoon (as much as I continue to try to convince him to move it to the mornings).  His reasoning is sound, as there are quiet a few other local races in the morning, and it gives runners the rare opportunity to do 2 races in one day.  But man, the heat can be a killer.  He have seen the heat index near 100 degrees in past years.  This year, on the way to the race is the small town of Etna Green (Can you even call it a town?) I thought maybe for a change we were going to catch a break in the weather.  It was over cast the whole drive there and the temps were in the low 70s.
The four mile run started at 5:00.  There was a nice breeze coming out of the west, so the wind would be in our face for the first half, which in with the summer heat, I didn't mind at all. 
The course is 4 mile loop in the country, so don’t expect any shade but it is s true Indiana country run.
If you need a reason at this race to stick around for all the awards to be handed out, its for the door prizes.  The grand prize every year has been a 50 inch flat screen TV.
While this race is hot every year, the local running community shows up for it.  Probably becasue of the man who puts it together.  Basically the money that comes in from the race, goes right back into the race.  Todd is always trying to build the running community in whatever way he can while remembering his friend Randy Miner.  Its not the biggest race you will ever run in, but it is the biggest little race you will run in. Todd also spends a lot of time creating his own overall awards for all races.

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