NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile

NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile

NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile

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New Jersey, United States
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Jessica 's thoughts:

Like all NYRR races, this one is another excellently organized, well-staffed race. Getting to run down an empty Fifth Avenue for your fastest mile time is a real thrill, and if you ever have the opportunity to run it, it's a can't miss event! Full disclosure: NYRR offered me a free entry to this race, but I would have definitely done it even if I had to pay!
Because of finish line logistics, runners are split up into male and female Age Group Waves that take off about 15-20 minutes apart. There are also some fun group waves like the one I was in: The Media Mile. This consisted of social media and other local media folks like journalists, producers, and on-air talent. Other waves include FDNY/NYPD, youth, pro, and elite.
The starting line is like a well-oiled machine: groups of runners are corralled in when it's their time to start and take off at the sound of the gun. Because my wave was much smaller than others (a little more than 50 of us), I can't speak to the conditions in the gigantic age group waves that I saw go off earlier, but it all looked very well organized.
Because it's only a mile there are no aid stations, but just like other NYRR events, there are perfectly placed volunteers cheering you on along. The giant signs at the side of the road clearly noted the distance at the quarter, half, and 3/4 mile marks.
The course is nice and relatively flat - there's a slight incline at about the halfway point, but that makes for an even faster finish thanks to the downhill afterwards :)
I've never run a one mile race before, so I didn't know what to expect other than that I'm on the slower end of the spectrum. My mile time is around 10:30 on an extremely good day, but most of the time I average in the 11's or 12's (even 13's at longer distances). But because of the energy on the course, excitement of running in NYC, and excellent elevation, I managed to finish the mile in an unbelievable 8:51!
The finish was also well-organized, packed with people cheering on every single runner, and easy to find your way out of too. And because there are so many elite athletes around and it's a shorter race, you're likely to run into or at least watch them, which is awesome! I was extremely lucky and crossed the finish line at just the right time, and bumped into Meb (yes, THAT Meb!) who was gracious enough to chat for a moment and take a photo with me!
Overall I give this race a big A+ and can't wait to run it again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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