Leadville Trail 100

Leadville Trail 100

Leadville Trail 100

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  • Leadville,
    United States
  • August
  • 100 miles
  • Trail Race
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Matt Curley

Chicago, Illinois, United States
4 5
"3rd Time's a Charm!"
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Matt Curley's thoughts:

Well, I finally am getting around to reviewing my 2017 Leadville 100. I reviewed my first Leadville in 2015 and had an overall great experience. With that experience, I improved my time in 2016 but still suffered through some pretty bad nausea starting about the 55 mile mark. In both 2015 and 2016, I was able to finish under 30 hours and earned the small belt buckle. In 2016 and 2017, I utilized an amazing coach, Ian Sharman. Ian, of course, has won Leadville the last three years and has a terrific coaching program. This year, we set out to improve my time again and earn that elusive big belt buckle. His training plan, bi-weekly calls on everything from nutrition to adapting my plan for injury/soreness to proper equipment etc. were invaluable. I did the Camp again as in 2015 and think that is a must for anyone looking to have a great Leadville. The experience from the last two years definitely helped. My mantra (coached by Ian) was to stay at 100 mile effort and listen to what my body was telling me at every moment. If I am on a flat and not feeling well, slow down or walk until I feel better. Giving up a little time to feel better will pay off big time as the race goes on. Race day started with great weather again, mid-40's and a beautiful day for running. The start was great and me and my buddies, Steve and Tim as we kept our pace in check and made our way to Mayqueen. Everything felt smooth all the way to Twin Lakes and my pace was well ahead of schedule. Me and my buddies split up along the way, which was ok. We had different needs at different times and didn't plan on waiting for each other. Unfortunately for me again this year, nausea set in just after Winfield. The steep hike back up Hope Pass was brutal. It didn't help that they added a couple miles to the course in that stretch this year. When I finally crested Hope, I thought I had completely blown my chance at the big belt buckle. I was already thinking of what I was going to tell everyone who were rooting for me to make it. I felt horrible but was able to get down Hope and made it back to Twin Lakes slowly. As it turned out, the better than expected pace in my first 50 miles allowed me to get through the slow grind up and over Hope and back, still ahead of schedule! My pacers quickly pointed that out and kept me going. This year, I was able to move through the last 40 miles with a lot less nausea. My pacers, John, Kyle and Dan were unbelievable! Long story short, when I got back to Mayqueen I had a good amount of time in the bank and was able to run/walk it in for a Big Belt Buckle - 24:21! What a thrill to cross the finish line holding my mom and dad's hands along with my sister, Maureen, Pacers Dan and Kyle. Thanks to an amazing crew including my crew chief, Jess, mom, dad, Maureen and all the amazing pacers family and friends! Running mates Tim and Steve made the whole experience including the motel together for Camp and Pre-race Breck stay the most amazing Leadville experience yet. A big thank you to all the great Leadville race staff and volunteers. They are second to none. On to the next experience! Matt

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