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  • August
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Road Race
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Joe G

Pennsylvania, United States
39 31
"My first 5k! "
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Joe G's thoughts:

My background: spring of 2012, this is where it all began. Used to do a 2 mile stroll around the neighborhood, eventually decided to run a block or two of it. A block or two gradually became the full distance, this is when I started timing/tracking it. 2 miles a day, 40 a month. And then the ocd kicked in.

Fast forward to 2015. Running almost 3 yrs, avg 4 mi/100 a mo. I have yet to do a race. Started running to add cardio, then the ocd kicked in. never really thought about racing. A coworker had been twisting my arm for a while now. He found one 15 min from where I live. I finally cave.

Race: This 5k hosted by a small church. In a small neighborhood. May have been 500 runners, but at the time seemed like a big deal. Starts out down and around this neighborhood, once through there we cross a major road and into a high end neighborhood. Up through there, and turn around through a park. Small section of grass. No big deal. back through both neighborhoods to the finish.

My race:being my first, definitely nerves. Crowd was exciting, start out feeling trapped by slower ppl. After .2 I get around and take off. So much faster than my avg, is this real?! Adrenaline pumping, feeling fantastic! Well, that pace... only able to maintain about half way. Started to fade. Overall, happy with my time. But learned about race pace and the importance of pacing.

Elevation: mostly flat, entering the second neighborhood there was an incline for about 1/4.
Aid: at least two water stops. Adequate for a 5k.
Parking: small neighborhood, get there early.
Timing: professionally timed, but not chipped. Probably why I dropped a 3 rating to 2.
Swag: cotton t shirt, undersized and shrunk when washing. No medals, winners received baked goods. There was mention of pancake breakfast. Forgot and didn't see it.

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