• Chicago,
    United States
  • July
  • 3 miles/5K, 6 miles/10K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
  • Road Race
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Chicago, Illinois, United States
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"Rock N' Stroll?"
Aid Stations
Course Scenery
Expo Quality
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Race Management
Ian 's thoughts:

I had very very high hopes for this this race since it is such a house hold name for races.

For a race that bros about on course entertainment they clearly forgot to book a few bands. I only remember seeing one band playing and one band still setting up through out the entire course and that was all in the last 2 miles of the course. While it is cool to run downtown and through the streets of the city, it would have been even better if there were actual bands playing, the only "entertainment" was one Celeste and a few clowns, yes.. clowns, on stilts.

Not to mention that this race is always run on the hottest day of the summer which is never any fun. So even if you are running for the enjoyment of running and to run though the streets of Chicago you may want to think again because the heat and humidity can quickly make you wish you slept in that night.

The mile markers were so inconstantly spaced apart, so you had to really on your watch if you had one.

the aid stations were well staffed the first half of the course but then once you got to the second half of the course they were un-manned and pretty bare because we were tailing the end of the 10K. I had to grab my own water off a table a few times. And for a race that is run in such drastic heat conditions hydration should be top priority at every water station.

Over all its was a very challenging race which only make you a better a better runner....but i have no desire to run Rock N Roll Chicago again.

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