Hershey Half Marathon

Hershey Half Marathon

Hershey Half Marathon

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  • Hershey,
    United States
  • October
  • 6 miles/10K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, Other
  • Road Race
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Connecticut, United States
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"Sweet Race but not Enough Sweets"
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Becky 's thoughts:

I signed up for the Hershey Half as part of the Relay which means 1 runner runs 6.7 miles and 1 runner runs 6.4 miles. This was a great way to enjoy the race with a friend as well as give my legs a break since I ran a marathon the prior weekend.

Organization/Communication: The communication was clear and concise. I knew where and when packet pickup was as well as where to go for race day. No complaints here.

Expo: the expo was tiny tiny tiny. I think there were maybe 8 vendors. I actually felt bad for the vendors because it was incredibly cold out and the expo took place under the grand stand of Hershey Park stadium. The vendors looked cold and it didn't seem like most folks were sticking around after they retrieved their packet/bib. I was disappointed there wasn't an actual Hershey vendor stand giving out chocolates doing fun pictures with the mascots. I saw the Hershey bar walk by but I was in line for my shirt and bag so I didn't get a picture with him. Organizationally, I got my bib, bag and shirt quickly. There was a short line but it moved quickly. I was disappointed that my bag didn't contain chocolate either. Umm, where is the chocolate? It was not in my bag! I had a small pack of Twizzlers.

Race Morning: parking was extremely well organized. The folks directing parking just directed everyone into the lot and we parked efficiently. The race began at 7:30am. I arrived at 6:30am. This gave me plenty of time to use the bathroom and drop my bag off at gear check. Hershey had porta potties available as well as the use of the bathrooms inside the stadium so that was nice (a real bathroom!). The morning of the race was around 30 degrees -- very cold -- so I couldn't wait to start running. I was runner 1 for my relay team so I lined up with all the other runners. My friend and all the other runner 2s were taken to the exchange point on buses. That seemed to be well organized and go off without issue.

The course: the course is nice despite a few hills in the first 6.7 miles. I really enjoyed running through the park. It would have been nice if some of the rides were going or more of the Hershey characters were available for pictures. The Hershey bar was standing to the side at one area and waving to people. I really liked how many orange cones were lined up on the race course marking every single 0.1 mile. It helped me keep track of the distance and time. When I saw the 5.50 cone, I knew I had about a mile left until the exchange point so it was time to fire up the cylinders and go all out in that last mile.

Exchange Point/Relay: The exchange point was well marked but not well organized. When i came running up, I saw a crowd of people. I was looking for an area marked off where you would literally tag/high five your partner. No such exchange area existed. And no one was really monitoring the exchange area. If they were, I didn't see them. After I tagged my friend and she took off, I was kind of left there on my own wondering what to do. I had to run over to the "finish" to get my medal and recovery bag. I think it would have been nice if this area was better marked so after you tagged your teammate, you were directed to the "finish" area. I will say that it was nice to receive my medal right then and there and not have to wait until my friend finished. Maybe that defeats the purpose of the relay. But I can tell that it's a great feeling to get that cute Hershey kiss medal draped around your neck when you're done. I had a short walk to get the buses. Once my bus was filled up, we were driven back to Hershey Park Stadium. This part was less than exciting. After we got off the bus, we were directed on where to enter the stadium. Once you're in the stadium, you had no one directing you, no one taking your picture or anything. You were just left on your own. I took a picture of another relay runner and he took my picture b/c no one was around to take our pictures. I have to admit that it was disappointing to not get the official finish line w/ bling picture. I then changed into the dry clothes I had stored in my gear check bag and waited for my friend to finish. I think this race could have done a better job with the relay by transporting us back to the stadium and then having us wait. When our partner was mile 12, they could have notified us so we could finish together, receive our medals together and get pictures together.

Post Race: Apparently there was a small chocolate stand around mile 12 on the course. Post Race? Chocolate was again no where to be found. My recovery bag was great (banana, protein bar, pretzels and a giant cookie) except no chocolate. I got Twizzlers....again. Seriously...Twizzlers? I run Hershey and I get Twizzlers? That was a major disappointment.

I didn't stick around long b/c it was cold and there wasn't anything to do. In our bags from the expo, we all received 2 tickets for Hershey Park. That was very nice. Based on my schedule, I wasn't able to use the tickets so I enjoyed giving them to some other folks who were taking their families to the park for the day.

Summary: I think the race was well organized overall, and the course was interesting. However, the relay portion was not well organized and left runner 1 kind of stranded and underwhelmed. And the lack of chocolate? That was my biggest disappointment. I ran Hershey and got Twizzlers. Will I run this race again? No, I don't plan on running it again unless I hear of changes they make. The shirt was nice, the recovery bag was cool and the medal is great but I did have my heart set on chocolate.

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