Detroit Free Press Marathon

Detroit Free Press Marathon

Detroit Free Press Marathon

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  • Detroit,
    United States
  • October
  • 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon, Virtual Race
  • Road Race
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Ohio, United States
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"Some Like it Hot!"
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Jes 's thoughts:

This year was a hot and humid race for this area. The race started at 66 degree (F), around 94+% humidity, with 10-15mph winds. Besides dodging a few pot holes at the beginning (and being told the course was marked 0.2miles long) the first two(.2) miles weren't bad. Until I hit the Ambassador Bridge in a headwind, which basically killed my race. I had heard that the Bridge was early enough that it wasn't bad, but I would disagree. Surprisingly I didn't find the elevation change in the Tunnel bad, like others have mentioned. However, I agree it was hot and humid and the conditions in the Tunnel were affected by it. It just wasn't my race it seemed. I enjoyed the change of scenery on Belle Isle although some comment that it is windy. I did miss seeing miles 24 and 25 marked on the course, but thankfully the fluid stations had the miles to the next station marked so you can guessimate. The finish line was really bland: chocolate milk, a bag with a banana and bag of chips, small disposable bottles of water, and only two places for a "finishers" picture.
The course was pretty well spectated and marked. I liked the scenery so I can't complain too much. The fluid stations had great volunteers but I'm not sure how much instruction they were given; a few times I ended up grabbing the cups right off the tables myself--plus so many people would just stop running and walk several feet before the aid stations that it just became a choke point.
I can't comment on the T-shirt/SWAG because there was no Swag and we haven't received our shirts yet. The Expo wasn't anything special, I've seen better and I've seen worse, I basically picked up my packet, bought a mug and body glide and called it a day.
I am disappointed that it is 3 days after the race and they still haven't posted the race pictures yet--rumor has it we have to wait another 24 hours and then maybe they'll be posted. But I will say that the race website is great and the social media team is very responsive to questions and posts. I felt very educated on what to expect, etc.
I found the course challenging because they give you the hardest obstacles early on (ie before mile 9) and all you have to do is make it through and hang on for the rest. Some survive with flying colors, others suffer. I would definitely recommend it because I thought it was pretty neat to run into Canada and back, plus I like Detroit. I personally am probably scarred for life and may only get the nerve to attempt the international half marathon sometime in the future.

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