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Megan Sullivan

Takoma Park, Maryland, United States
24 9
"Great Swag, Powerful Motivation!"
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Megan Sullivan's thoughts:

I had been hoping that the DC Wonder Woman races would continue to make their way east, as they were just too far away from me to run. Thanks to a global pandemic, the race went virtual this year, and I was all in! Registration was easy and not terribly expensive (I love racing, but I can't bring myself to pay $100 for a virtual race). And the swag! Awesome and useful!

Let's start with the swag:
*A FABULOUS long-sleeved shirt, in a material I would call almost-lined. Definitely too warm for September, which is when I chose to race, but I see myself wearing this shirt a lot this winter, both racing and just casually.
*Awesome Wonder Woman wristbands with zippers, great for rocking it out like Wonder Woman, but also perfect for carrying a key or other small items when you run. I'm always paranoid I'm going to lose my house key when I pull fuel out of my pocket, so this is perfect.
*Wonder Woman reusable bag - who doesn't need another bag to put stuff in?
*Incredible medal. This medal is seriously cool. I can't wait to hang it on my medal rack.

You also get a bib, but I opted to not wear mine racing - I felt a little dorky running on the trail alone wearing a bib - but if I had raced with a friend, I totally would have rocked it out.

This race didn't have heavy virtual support, but that's not really my jam. They definitely sent a few inspirational emails, but not too many, which was perfect for me. I also didn't feel like I needed to be part of any sort of online chat room for the race - again, not my jam, but some people might like that sort of thing.

For the race itself, I ran, it felt great, and I finally felt the desire to push myself. Training with nothing on the horizon has been tough, so this was just what I needed. When I got home, I proudly put my medal on and logged my results. I didn't pause my watch at stoplights, so I knew this was going to be a slow time, but I didn't care - it felt great. And the finisher's certificate is pretty sweet too.

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