Clarksburg County Run

Clarksburg County Run

Clarksburg County Run

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  • Clarksburg,
    United States
  • November
  • 3 miles/5K, 6 miles/10K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, Other
  • Road Race
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Haley Gonzales

Sacramento , California, United States
52 33
"Wine Country in Sacramento "
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Haley Gonzales's thoughts:

2015 was the 50th year of this great little race! There are multiple distances at this race but I have only done the 20 miler. This was the 2rd time I have run this race, and it has always been during my CIM training and it just happens to fall perfectly on the date I need to run 20 miles. This race is very small, which I am still surprised by, but a lot of fun. I can't imagine there were more than a few hundred of us running the 20 miler.

Since I did not run this race last year, I didn't realize until mile 4 or so that they changed up the course a bit. Which I think I liked, although there was an out and back between mile 14-17 (around these miles) that I really could have done without. It is still a pretty course, but you kinda think you're done but it keeps going. At least that is how it was for me around mile 15. I think the way they flipped the course actually makes it seem like it goes by faster. Running the finish is great because you're on a downhill at the last mile. Sure, it isn't a steep downhill but after 19 miles you can tell it is more downhill and it is nice to be able to speed up a bit at the end.

You run though the vineyards in Clarksburg, which is the Sacramento area's little wine county. You run along the river too. I love the views at this race. Since it is in November it may or may not rain. This year it rained and it was COLD! But the serve a good lunch once you're done. Salad, pasta, bread and cookies. Your choice of drinks too. And of course if you bring extra clothes you can go wine tasting after! This race starts and ends at a high school so I really wish they would open up the showers for the runners after the race. I'd be more open to going wine tasting after. Using wipes after 20 miles isn't enough for me to want to go wine tasting. I ran Napa Valley Marathon in 2014 and we used their showers.

I wish this race would get a little bigger, I think people are missing out. However, I also like the smallness of the race too. You pretty much know everyone running - oh, which is another great thing about the out and back that they added. It is great seeing people you know cheering you on & you're cheering for them at the end of a race. That is where you need it most!

This is a race that should be on your list if you live in the Sacramento area!

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