Cheyenne Marathon

Cheyenne Marathon

Cheyenne Marathon

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  • Cheyenne,
    United States
  • September
  • 3 miles/5K, 13.1 miles/Half Marathon, 26.2 miles/Marathon
  • Road Race
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Lloyd Garcia

Thornton, Colorado, United States
7 16
"Half Marathon review (didn't let me change to the half)"
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Lloyd Garcia's thoughts:

This is the 2nd year this race has gone on. Though I had a number of critiques during the inaugural event, this one went much smoother. First of all, last year there was a huge parking issue (you can see my review for that for more info). This year, the start line/finish line was pretty much the same spot for all distances. And there was more then enough parking for all! So, that was good.

I also did the full last year; and the half this year. So, there may be some issues that differ for me, specifically. I paced this year as well. I held the 1:50 sign to help those who were looking at a PR. How did I do? Well, it kind of depends on what you consider. First of all there was no timing mat for the half. So, everyone had to just use their own Garmin (or for me Fitbit). And there were no half markers. We would run along the course and occasionally see a mile marker, but it was for the full, and it didn't match up with where we were at. That said, the full runners told me that it wasn't marked correctly for their course either! So, if you were running with your watch, it was an accurate course. But, pacers need accurate mile markers, which we did not get. I ended up crossing at nearly 1:50 exactly according to my fitbit, but my coach though I came in late by a few seconds. Again that was because I didn't cross the starting line when the gun went off and there was no timing mats. So, I did alright, I just didn't get credit for it, per se.

The course was much better. There were vast improvements. We got to run by the capital and several of the more notable spots in Cheyenne. If I had my wish, we would've ran along the tracks of Central and East; but I grew up in that town and ran track. There was a very difficult hill around mile 6 that caused a lot of slowing for some of the runners. I was prepared for it, so I was okay. But, that's not to say it was easy; it wasn't. Also, the web site didn't show the course map (for the half) or the elevation chart. So, I think it caught a lot of runners by surprise. I actually asked these from the race director. She provided all that for me. But, it wasn't updated on the site.

The medal was pretty cool. Most of my runner friends agreed. The shirt was very basic and plain. I actually liked the shirt much better last year. With all the other race shirts I have in my closet, it's doubtful I'll ever wear that one again. But, do you race for shirts? Do you already have too many?

You may think I'm, in general, dissatisfied with it. Quite the contrary. There were a lot of great parts. The scene was fun. One friend of mine told me, "I never knew a town like this actually still existed." So many were so impressed with the old school feeling of "Ole Cheyenne." It's the biggest town in a very small state. A place where there are more antelope than people. So, if you're going there for a big event, you're in the wrong place. But, as far as Wyoming races are concerned, this is probably the best one to do. If you're a 50 stater; I strongly suggest this race to cross of Wyoming. I doubt it will be anyone's favorite race. But, it's not bad. I will try to do it every year. They made so many vast improvements over the past year, that I'm sure it will just keep getting better and the director will make appropriate adjustments.

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