Cap Crusher

Cap Crusher

Cap Crusher

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Jeannine Avelino

Vancouver, Canada
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"Challenging but fun mostly non-technical trail race!"
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Organization – This event was very well-organized from the detailed website to package pickup on race day and the flagging. If you get lost, you’re definitely not paying any attention. There are so many flags, signs and course marshals to direct you to the right way. A+++++++

Course – A nice little tour of Capilano Regional Park with water views and lots of beautiful trees. Lots of people come here to walk their dogs so that’s another thing we had to look out for. Share the path! The route is mostly gravel with very few technical sections. There is a steep climb at the end of the 12k route, which means that you’d be going down it if you’re doing the 24k. If you’re not comfortable with downhill it might be a little intimidating (but it’s doable).

Swag – There wasn’t too much. I saw people holding tote bags and there were a few flyers in there and coupons for beer. I decided not to grab one. They had green cupcakes at the finish as well as other food and drink. The aid stations were great and manned by super friendly and enthusiastic volunteers.

Would I Do It Again? – Yes! I wouldn’t mind trying the 24k next year or just going for it on the 12k to see how much better I can do.

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