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"Honolulu Marathon 2013"
Aid Stations
Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
Race Management

What can I say, the Honolulu marathon has an unfair advantage of being awesome because, well…. it's in Hawaii! Not only can you say you accomplished something great, but you can also take advantage of having a vacation in paradise.The race course was beautiful. It started off in downtown Honolulu and went out towards the suburbs through Diamond Head volcano. Thousands of locals are out on the sidelines cheering you on the entire way, Aloha style! There were 30,000 participants and a firework work show (essentially 5 minutes of a 4th of July finale) started off the race. The organization of the race was very professional. There was not any point when I wondered what was going on. Something to be aware of for first timers; the finish line does not mean you get to stop moving. Once you cross the finish line, you are funneled about 100 more yards to get out of the way of other runners coming in. Would I do it again?… totally!

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