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"Worth the necklace?"
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How much do you want that necklace? I loved my necklace (until I lost it), but I really don't think this race is worth it. It was out of control crowded from the expo to the finish. The expo took days to get through. I went on a weekday evening, so I can't imagine how crowded it was on the weekend. We stood in line for a long time waiting to get in to get our bibs, and then we couldn't enjoy the expo because of the crowds. The race was slow because of the crowd, and it was really frustrating to have to take a shuttle back to the start to get back to the car because it was FREEZING! I was shivering and shaking the entire way back. Perhaps I should have checked a change of clothes, but I didn't realize how cold it would be along the finish area. The course itself is great - how couldn't it be? It's in San Francisco - but you can run the same course at the SF Marathon and have better experience.

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