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"Lots of heart!"
Aid Stations
Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
Race Management

I spectated this race in 2017, and it looked so fun that I decided to join in in 2018!

Getting registered for the race was really simple, and the race management did such a great job communicating regularly with racers so we knew what to expect. I felt completely comfortable and prepared going into the race, even though it was my first race in 4 years.

I loved how enthusiastic all of the volunteers were at the expo. The place they chose for us to pick up our gear was kind of small, but it was pretty and interesting. Everyone was really kind and happy to answer any question I had.

The shirt I got was really neat. It was a racerback tanktop, and is very comfortable. I wear it all the time! the medal was also pretty. It wasn't one of my favorites, but it's cool to look at.

The aid stations were spread out well, though there were always lines for the portable restrooms. If I'd had to use one, I would have had to sacrifice a lot of time on the course. Hopefully they add more in the coming years.

The course scenery was GORGEOUS, excellent views of the lake, and there was also some great in-town running. My personal favorite part was running through some gorgeous neighborhoods and looking at pretty houses.

The elevation was definitely challenging. There were some insane hills. The course ends on a downhill slope, but right before that there are a couple of steep, long uphill stretches. If you're planning on running hills, I highly suggest adding an extra day of hill training in a few times a month.

Race management communicated very well about how limited parking would be, so we were all really prepared for it. Still, it was very limited, and I had to walk about a mile uphill to get to my car after I finished the race. That was challenging.

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