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"Carolina Beach Marathon "
Aid Stations
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Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
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I feel bad to write this review because I was so looking forward to this race. It was my first marathon. There were so many things wrong I have to let people know. So this may be long. I came on this website prior to the race to see what to expect and there wasn't anything out here so I'll be the first. The course was flat which was my reasoning for choosing it as my first. Although it was my first marathon it is not my first race so I'm used to communication before the race but I had to look for everything. There was no emails or anything to let you know what is going on. I was concerned if the race was still happening. You had to pay for parking when you arrived so that was a bummer. It seemed like the town didn't know there was a race scheduled. After the half marathoners turned around it got really lonely and spaced out. We were running on the road next to traffic. There was also a moment when we ran through a camp site and I was a little scared because I was by myself in the woods. I was worried I would be lost. There were long stretches of just lonely running towards the parts where the race gets hard (mile 18 - 20). It was a rough race for me. I did finish though so I was happy about that. I didn't attend the expo because there wasn't one. Aid stations had water and Gatorade. A few had fig newtons. The course scenery was neighborhoods, aside from the camp site. If you are a seasoned marathoner you would be fine but I wouldn't recommend this for a first time.

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