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"Charleston Distance Run"
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The Charleston Distance Run is a 5k/15 mile race that is wildly popular with Charlestonians. The 15 miler from what I have heard is super tough and many elite athletes have competed over the years. The race I participated in was the 5k. The race start was great. The atmosphere was fun and we were right on the boulevard, besides the river. 5k runners started on one side of the street while the 15 milers were on the other. The 5k course was very flat and fast. My one (major) complaint was the lack of directions which lead to several runners getting lost- including an Elite in the 15 miler. Since there was cash money involved- there was complications in who the award should go to- even though despite having ran a longer distance and still finishing first- it did not go according to who finished but who actually ran the correct course. The race directors at the finish line promised that it will be handled and that the athletes would be rewarded appropriately. This did not happen and no formal notice was given that the several who ran off course by mistake were disqualified.
So the lack of communication really didn't sit well with me and as a fast runner who does have the chance to win prize money- I will never race there again due to the poor directions from the race crew and the remarks that followed from the race director regarding how the situation was handled.
Aside from that- the post race party was great. Very relaxed atmosphere. The finish is on a track so there are plenty of spectators cheering and that created such a fun finish for many. Its very popular in Charleston and is definitely a great race- just make sure you stay on course or else!:]

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