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I was coerced into running this race by my boss and my incessant youngest spawn. Therefore I was quite appreciative of the speedy registration process at packet pick up the day prior. Packet pick up was held perhaps a block from the race start point at Dick's Sporting goods. Registration was fast and they had an adequate supply of T-shirts and pins. T shirts were long sleeve(good), heavy cotton (meh), had a fun logo, but were of a color(ugh) that ensured them a bottom of the drawer spot in the winter rotation.

Race day was great, despite the size (>3000) parking was ample and they had sufficient porta-potties. 15 minutes pre race, I may have stood in queue 45 seconds! (Great).

Starting area was fairly congested, but civilized...herding the mass into a 10ft chute. They did have vague general pace group signs that were largely ignored, probably because the only ones I saw were the 6:00, the next being 10. Either way, it was pretty tight near the front.

Course wise, it had a potential for being fast (sadly was not for me, lol). A general uphill grade around the east edge of Sprint Campus, that curved around the north side for ~600 yards. Then a brief right turn up a little hill, a right turn into a relatively flatish span until a little nondescript up and down to the 2 mile mark. This was where the first water station was located. Then a little downhill, two right turns, then an evil little hill. The rest flattens out, then turns left to put you going back downhill on the general grade you started on. There was nothing particularly scenic or notable about the course. The landscaping is nice but the huge square brick buildings surrounded by stark cement parking garages gives the feel of a lower tier university, just seemed quite antiseptic... stripped of any fun or culture.

Afterwards, the finish was somewhat of a cluster. The chip pullers were just in front of water who were just in front of the apples/doughnuts/apple cider so as more people finished, the more congested it became, all pressed between the starting chute barriers. They could do better with that next year.

Free doughnuts were available afterwards, some people were getting free gallons of apple cider, and they offered, but were out of coffee afterwards. I suppose they misjudged the blustery chill's impact on demand.

As with any themed race, there was all sorts of people in costumes and hats. From people in pilgrim hats, turkey hats, turkey suits, people wearing bacon outfits or walking Mylar turkeys on a faux leash... I'm really at a loss. As my first Thanksgiving run, I am absolutely baffled and honesty somewhat concerned that there is such a copious variety of celebratory Thanksgiving items even available for purchase. I mean, really. Pilgrims and turkeys from my viewpoint barely register above groundhogs in terms of markety-ness, but apparently LOTS of people take their Thanksging goofiness to eleven. It did make it fun. This was apparently the 27th annual running of the race, clearly a tradition for many.

Results were out stupid fast (much to my chagrin), but alas I somehow plodded into top 100. Eh.

Overall, well executed run. No frills, but a fun and festive atmosphere on an easy course that's perfect for families.

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