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"Good overall, several improvements necessary"
Aid Stations
Course Scenery
Expo Quality
Elevation Difficulty
Race Management

Overall this was a good experience and a race I would run again, especially considering that it was only the second year it was operating. People were very nice and helpful. However, there are several logistical and course issues that must be resolved if possible:
1) Buses from the hotels were late, sat in traffic and did not have a dedicated bus lane, nor did the bus drop us off close to the starting area;
2) Pacers were not accurate and several of the miles were not the correct pace;
3) for miles 5-8 there were no mile markers on the course;
4) most of the mile markers were placed incorrectly, especially mile 10 which was closer to half a mile than a full mile.
5) Very shortly after the race the tent selling gear had already run out of regular sizes;
6) Some areas on the course were very narrow and would not accommodate many more runners (sidewalks, alleys, etc.)

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