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"Brazen does it again"
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Back in 2013 I was new to this whole "running" thing. I ran my first half marathon, Tinker Bell, and shortly thereafter I volunteered at Brazen Racing's Western Pacific Marathon. There, at the aid station, one of the other volunteers convinced me I should use my free Brazen entry to not take on the 10K at Wildcat, but the half. I signed up before I could think twice about it. (Note: I don't recall there being a big expo, more just packet pick up at a run store.)

- A personal perk is that it's right by my house.
- Brazen races have aid stations that are, for lack of a better term, STACKED. Snacks for everyone! Drinks for everyone! Runners helping runners, everyone!
- Scenic course with a chance of wildlife
- The finish line spread, shirts and medals at Brazen events have yet to let me down.
- TOTALLY friendly people. Brazen is pretty much a family, and even if you're not part of the inner circle of Brazen, everyone at every Brazen event I've gone to was friendly. I definitely made some 'friends for a few miles' while I was on course.

- Their idea of moderate climbing isn't everyone's idea of moderate. There were hills, hills and more hills, to the point where I thought I had gone up more than I was ever going to go down... but it was fun.

While this was much more than a more educated runner would have taken on as their second half marathon, I was thrilled. It gave me a chance to trail run without worrying about getting lost (since the signs tell you where to go) and a chance to explore Wildcat Canyon. I'd definitely do this again... but with more training under my belt.
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