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"Not the race I expected"
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I normally don't submit a review for a race I took part in because they all have been somewhat satisfactory. I only took part in this race because it's been on my bucket list to do a theme park race. Since I'm a season pass holder to Six Flags Great Adventure I figure I would take advantage of only having to pay for the entry into race and have the convenience of the race being close to my home. This race was rescheduled from a date in July when it was planned to have a Christmas in July theme, but was cancelled due to construction in the theme park. This time the race was scheduled to coincide with the opening weekend of Holiday in the Park. I was disappointed for the get go, instead of the traditional t-shirt we all received a rally towel that will never suit any purpose post-race. There was no expo with vendors to check out before or after the race which could have been easily done at the picnic area all the runners had access to. During the race there was no aid stations with water, which was a first for me. It was cool cloudy day in the 40's, but still by throat was dry by mile 2. When I finished the race in 22 minutes I was told the water hasn't arrived yet and was given a cup to go to a water fountain. The water fountain lost water pressure after my first fill up so I had to wait another 5 minutes for the water to arrive. As far as recovery snacks go all they had was hot cereal no traditional orange or banana. I placed first in my age group and won the Master's Division so I stuck around for the awards ceremony hoping for at least a medal because there was no finisher medals given out to all the runners. The ceremony was delayed a bit because the prizes weren't readily available. Most races I take part in give you cash in the age group categories, I expected at least that and perhaps something more for winning the Master's Division. All I received was a ticket to the theme park to come back again during the holiday season not even next year, which does me no good since I'm already a season pass holder. The person who won the race didn't even get the prize that was described in the race description instead of getting a season pass to next season he received the same ticket I received and planning to complain to the race director. When I signed up for this race I was expecting it to be well organized and full of amenities and bigger prizes since it was being held at huge theme park and instead of small town race that I'm used to. The only joy i walked away with from this race is that I can cross off two items from my bucket list doing a race in a theme park and winning my age group for the first time. I may consider doing a theme park race again, but never at Six Flags Great Adventure.

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