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"Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon 2014"
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Although a bit pricier than your average half marathon, I think the Chicago Rock n Roll Half Marathon is a great value. This was my third year doing the race and I really only have good things to say about it.

For the size of the race, it's well managed. There are thousands of people that do this race every year but everything seems to run smoothly - in fact, I would say things are a lot smoother than they often are at small local races with only a few hundred people!

The course winds through downtown Chicago and there are tons of spectators which add to the excitement of the race. I also love seeing the bands along the course. The course itself is pretty flat with only a few smaller inclines scattered throughout. This year's course was a tad different from the previous two years and I think I liked it better. For some reason the miles seemed to go by faster and I liked running through the area around miles 9-11 that went through a park and by the lakefront.

The finish line area is nice and wide and the finisher's shoot is well organized with tons of volunteers to hand out medals, water, snacks, etc.

A final thing I should probably note is there is a lot of medical support along the course which is great to see. I was injured at a race a few years ago and had to hobble 3+ miles to the finish line on an injured leg because medical support wasn't available. It's nice to see a race that values the safety of its participants!

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