BibRave 100 FAQ

  1. What is The BibRave 100?

    The BibRave 100 is THE definitive List of the Best Races in America. It is comprised of the Top 20 Marathons, Top 20 Half Marathons, Top 20 races of 10 Miles or Less, and the Top 5 races in the following fun categories: Best Medals & Swag, Best Themed Race, Best Virtual Race Experience, Best Bites & Bevvies, Best Relay Experience, Best Race-cation, and Toughest Race. Rounding out the list are the Green Lion Award recipients, the top five races that have integrated sustainable practices into their race operations to reduce the carbon footprint of their event.

    In addition to the Top Finalists, the Top 5 Marathons, Half Marathons, and races of 10 Miles or Less will be ranked.

  2. How do races make the list?

    The first step is the nomination process which will open in the summer of 2021. Once the nomination period is complete, we will have a public vote starting in Aug, 2021 to determine which races will make The BibRave 100 for 2021! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for nomination and voting period dates!

  3. Who can nominate a race?

    Anyone! Just complete the Race Nomination Form when the nomination period is open.

  4. How many races can I nominate?

    You can nominate as many races as you want, as long as you think they deserve to be on The BibRave 100!

  5. During the voting phase, how many times can I vote?

    Only one vote per email address, per category is allowed.

  6. Why isn’t my race distance one of the categories?

    Gah, this was a tough one for us! We’d love to have seperate lists for every single race distance, but for now we are going with the most popular distances. In the future we could definitely see building this out to include more categories with more race distances.

  7. Wait. Wait. Wait. My race isn’t on the list!! Why? WHY!

    If your race isn’t on the list, it’s because not enough people nominated it for consideration. ☹ But don’t worry! We’ll be back next year, and now that you know you can rally the troops to nominate and vote for your race then.