BibRave 100 FAQ

  1. What is the BibRave 100?
    The BibRave 100 is THE definitive List of the Best Races in America. It will be comprised of the Top 20 Marathons, Top 20 Half Marathons, Top 15 10Ks, Top 15 5Ks, and 3 Top 10 Lists of runner-nominated categories (e.g. Best Swag, Best Scenery, etc). In addition to the Top Finalists, there will also be a list of Top Ranked races. The Top 5 Marathons and Half Marathons will be ranked. Additionally, the Top 3 10Ks and 5Ks will be ranked.
  2. How do races make the list?
    The first step is the nomination process. The most nominated races will then be rated based on a Running Industry survey score, which will be combined with a general runner vote to determine the BibRave 100 list and the Top Ranked Races.
  3. Who can nominate a race?
    Anyone! Just complete the Race Nomination Form.
  4. How many races can I nominate?
    You can nominate as many races as you want, as long as you think they deserve to be one of the best races in America!
  5. During the voting phase, how many times can I vote?
    Only one vote per email address, per category is allowed.
  6. Who is in the Running Industry Collective?
    Folks from across the running industry - running store retailers, race directors (BibRave clients and non-clients alike), race service providers (bib makers, chip timers, medal companies, t-shirt companies, registration companies, etc.), running brands, and more.
  7. Why isn’t it just a pure runner vote? Why the additional input from running industry peeps?
    Runner opinions are the best and that’s why we launched BibRave! But, there are some aspects of putting on a race that participants don’t always have full insight into, and we want all parts of these races to shine! For example, runners don’t always know how in-depth or detailed a race’s medical support is planned. We also want to make sure smaller and newer races have an equal opportunity to stand-out!
  8. Why isn’t my race distance one of the categories?
    Gah, this was a tough one for us, but for this first version of the list we had to go with the most popular distances. In the future we could definitely see building this out to include more categories with more race distances.
  9. Wait. Wait. Wait. My race isn’t on the list!! Why? WHY!
    If your race isn’t on the list, it’s because not enough people nominated it for consideration. ☹ But don’t worry! We’ll be back next year, and now that you know you can rally the troops to nominate and vote for your race then.