Boston Marathon

Boston, MA

This race needs no introduction. As one nominee put it, “One of the most prestigious marathons in America in one of the country's most historic cities, held on Patriot's Day, which commemorates Paul Revere's ride and the battles at Lexington and Concord. What can be more American?”

“It's a city-wide celebration; it makes you feel like a celebrity.”

This race weekend is a lifetime goal for many runners, rewarding months or years of work to achieve a coveted BQ. And when a city the size of Boston caters to celebrating your 26.2 miles, you know it’s a special event!

Runners recommend making the most out of every part of the Boston Marathon weekend. The course is well-marked as you run past each of the towns leading you into Boston. There’s also a ton to look forward to during the race, with each neighborhood putting on their best Marathon Monday party and cheer station. Couple those course-lining parties with the deafening crowds you’ll hit passing Wellesley College and at the finish line on Boylston, and you’ve got the race of a lifetime.

What you don’t see is the amazing network of logistics and security there to support you every step of the way. The team that puts on the race (DMSE Sports) is absolutely world-class, sharing their knowledge, insight, and advice with other races throughout the year. The Boston Marathon is truly unparalleled and well-deserving of a place on The BibRave 100.

To quote one nominee “It’s the Boston Marathon. Oldest marathon in America. The Holy Grail.”

Boston Marathon

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Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

Boston , MA

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