The Run for the Nun 5K

The Run for the Nun 5K

The Run for the Nun 5K

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  • Lexington,
    United States
  • June
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Road Race
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Eddie Coleman

Lexington, Kentucky, United States
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"The Run for the Nun 5K"
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Eddie Coleman's thoughts:

I haven’t run a 5K race in YEARS, but since my running group (Bluegrass Runners) always puts a team together, I figured I would check out the Run for the Nun in Lexington, KY on June 4.
I had an idea of what my pace could look like, but I went in wanting to run by “feel” and run the course. I’d heard different things about the course, and one thing kept coming up — hills.
It’s difficult to find a flat race in Kentucky, but this wasn’t too bad. The start was mostly downhill, and a few new runners found out the hard way how NOT to run a course which starts down. Many of us passed them, holding their sides due to stitches and cramps.
The race was held at and around a local school, and most of the course was rural and paved. The finish was uphill — the same downhill that we’d sped down at the the start.
The temps were warm (since spring only lasts about fifteen minutes in Kentucky), and they made me second-guess running a fast pace.
I won third place in my age group (50-54), but I was disappointed in the fact that I know I could’ve fun much faster — I had too much left in the tank at the finish.
I liked this race, and the shirt and pint glass I won were really nice. I also won a door prize for a free breakfast at a local eatery. Although I do prefer longer races, I’m sure I’d run this again if it fits in my schedule.
Until next time, keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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