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  • Seattle,
    United States
  • July
  • 13.1 miles/Half Marathon
  • Road Race
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Issaquah, Washington, United States
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"Champagne Celebration"
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Amy 's thoughts:

This was my very first half marathon, and I'm so glad I picked it! See Jane Run is a women-centric running store that hosts half marathons around the country. The expo the day before the race was the biggest I'd seen (so far), and the post-race celebration was just fantastic.

I was nervous when I clicked "register" for the very first time, pledging my funds and my self-worth that I'd be able to run a half marathon in a few short months. With the help of my students, however, I worked my way up to the distance and totally rocked out on this course.

The course itself is mainly flat, a ring around Lake Union in Seattle with a few mini out-and-backs. My biggest course gripe was that the last out and back took us past the finish line (I could seriously see that safe haven of awesomeness and champagne) for another three miles before we got to cross that chip timing technology and celebrate.

Gu and Gatorade served as our aid station caloric intake, and I have to say that a sports bra filled with lemon Gatorade and 13.1 miles of sweat is not a nice thing. My fault; I'd never tried drinking from a cup while running before!

The course seemed a little short; many of the runners were checking their Garmins and finding that their race had barely hit 13 miles, so that was a source of frustration for some. I'll take the 13.1, though, and blame it on my iPhone's GPS.

The post race celebration was where it was at, with So Delicious ice cream bars, champagne flutes for finishers, See's Candies, lots of burritos and other snacks. It was a blast, and one I would do again in a heartbeat.

- the most portapotties I have ever seen in my life ever before I swear to God
- sponsored by See's Candies!
- fun "girl power" experience
- beautiful lime green tech shirt

- parking was rough for spectators (or maybe just my mom...)
- short course

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