Run the Bridge 10K

Run the Bridge 10K

Run the Bridge 10K

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  • Camden,
    New Jersey,
    United States
  • November
  • 6 miles/10K
  • Road Race
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Pennsylvania, United States
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"Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge 10K"
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Nancy 's thoughts:

Of all the days to be running a bridge, it would be a windy one! (But at least I wasn't running the NYC marathon, those people are hardcore!) This run starts in Camden and crosses the Ben Franklin Bridge towards Philadelphia then turns around to run around Camden, passing by the Battleship New Jersey and ends at Campbell Stadium.

My brother picked up my bib for me in Moorestown and didn't mention any problems. I don't think there was an expo. The bib came with a D-tag time chip for shoes and the shirt was a long sleeved cotton one that came in a reusable clear plastic bag.

I drove in Sunday morning and did not have to deal with too much traffic. Apparently they closed the bridge around 7:45 am, for a run start of 8:30 am. I came much earlier so I did not have trouble. Parking was also plentiful at the stadium lots. The start line though was a bit of a walk from the opening ceremony at the stadium.

There was no line at the porta potties when I stopped by before the run! Before the start of the race, the announcer mentioned that due to the wind, they had to cancel one of the water stations on the bridge. I brought my own water bottle so it didn't really impact me. They had clocks at the mile locations instead of signs, which helped a bit for me since my Runkeeper chose not to work properly this morning.

The miles on the bridge was a nice view but the wind was very strong. There was a bit of an incline on both ends of the bridge. Other parts of the run were also slightly elevated. Photographers were fairly sparse during the run.

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