Run NKC 5K

Run NKC 5K

Run NKC 5K

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  • North Kansas City,
    United States
  • May
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Road Race
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Kansas City, Missouri, United States
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"Course was short."
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Jeannie 's thoughts:

This race benefits the North Kansas City School District. Each of the schools compete for most entries to earn some grant money funded by the race. I like the idea of helping my child's school get extra money. The race itself, however, needs some work. There is enough real estate in North Kansas City to more than make up the distance. When I finished the race, my Garmin read 2.81. I know it won't be exact, but that is extremely short.
The start of the race is a little odd. We all sort of stood around on the 50 yard line of the football stadium and then they just told us to go. So there was a huge bottle neck exiting out the gate of the stadium on to the street. There were plenty of course monitors to send you in the right direction and they were all really good at cheering.

I did appreciate the other activities going on at the race. There were items set up all around the football stadium. The high school robotics teams were there with their robots. There was a book exchange for all ages. Kids were able to run around and play on the football field. My family was able to entertain themselves quite nicely while they waited for me to finish.

I'm not sure about the aid stations. Since it was only a 5K I didn't use them. I vaguely remember 2 during the race. I'm not sure if they were just water or water and Gatorade. At the end there was a pretty impressive spread of food for a local race. The shirt was a gold color with navy print. I'm not a fan, but I just don't like that color. It is technically a tech shirt, but not a high quality.

I will probably run the race again, but just to support my daughter's school.

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