Rest in Peace 5K

Rest in Peace 5K

Rest in Peace 5K

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  • Philadelphia,
    United States
  • October
  • 3 miles/5K
  • Road Race
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Pennsylvania, United States
14 27
"Halloween Run in a Cemetery"
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Nancy 's thoughts:

I won free registration for this 5K run through Yelp with the BF. Since it was a Halloween run, we decided to dress up in matching Super(wo)man shirts. Though I thought we were cute, we obviously were outdone by many other creative costumes.

This run took place at the Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia. It's a bit awkward to get to..I think my GPS directed me incorrectly. There was also hardly any parking / side streets. We ended up parking in the gym lot (whoops).

There was no expo; bib pick up was prior to the run. I didn't recall seeing any porta potties. I actually asked someone in the building and they let me use the restroom. Though it was a single bathroom and it was a long wait.

It was a timed run but by clock not tab. So if you wanted a fighting chance of being in the top finishers, you had to fight to the front. The route was all around the cemetery that spiraled up. OMG, the hills. The elevation was killing me and my calves were burning. I recall at least one water station.

There were free race pictures but they were limited. Glad that I found one with me and the bf in it. Costume runs are fun because they keep you entertained as you run but this race.. Oof, the hills. I'm haunted (almost literally) by those hills.

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