Merrill's Mile

Merrill's Mile

Merrill's Mile

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Jessica Rudd

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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"Merry Miles at Merrill's Mile"
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Jessica Rudd's thoughts:

Do you want to test your limits and see how far you can go surrounded by fun, supportive people? Then Merrill's Mile is for you! I signed up for the Merrill's Mile 24 Hour race in order to hit 100k training distance as part of my 100 miler training plan. There's not many 100k's around so doing a timed race was pretty much my only option. I expected to feel like a hamster in a wheel, with tedium going around a 1 mile track but I was happily surprised at how fun this event was. I did know many people at the race, which allowed for a fun, campy group feel. However, even if you're not from the area and arrive solo, everyone is so friendly and helpful. No one runs alone!

Race options:
6hr Race Options:
* Start time: 9am Saturday
* Start time: 9pm Saturday
* Start time: 9am Sunday
* Start time: 9pm Sunday
12hr Race Options:
* Start time: 9am Saturday
* Start time: 9pm Saturday
* Start time: 9am Sunday
* Start time: 9pm Sunday
24hr Race Options:
* Start time: 9am Saturday
* Start time: 9am Sunday
48hr Race Option:
* Start time: 9am Saturday

- Easily accessible: 1.5 hrs north of Atlanta and a 9am start for the 24hr race allows for an easy morning drive to the site. I arrived early and set up camp with plenty of time before the start.
- Luxuries abound: a timed, loop race allows for runners to set up camp and pass all their goodies every mile. It's a great way to test nutrition and race day plans for a long effort with less aid station access. I set up a tent and camp chair for resting, and had a cooler with some personal goodies not available at the aid station.
- Aid station: amazing volunteers with great food. They switched up the food throughout the day and night, with soup at night and pancakes in the morning. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and supportive. A volunteer even did minor blister surgery for me in the middle of the night.
- Swag: the t-shirt is nice and comes in women sizes as well. The finisher token is a dog tag since the race is on an Army Ranger base. Very cool! Also included: badass metal spork, and a folding cup.
- People: have I mentioned how nice and supportive everyone is? Seriously, if you want to try for big miles these people will get you there.

- An July...around an exposed track. DON'T FORGET YOUR SUNSCREEN!
- Running circles for 6,12, 24, or 48 hours may not sound like a lot of fun but it's not bad with all the friendly faces around. I talked to a lot of people along the way. In a normal trail race I usually see a few of the same people due to my pace.

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